Staying Small is a Strategy for Some Craft Beer Breweries [Video]

Craft beer is – has been – on the rise.

That translates: quality beer, brewed in mostly small batches, by mostly small brewers is in high demand and the breweries that supply the beer are growing to meet said demand, all while new breweries are opening at rate of about 1 per day.  Seems like every day a story is published about a brewery that’s only just taken the training wheels off to trade them in for a commercial drivers license. There’s one in just about every American metropolis, if not two or three. SIX CHEERS FOR CRAFT BEER!!!

But wait. Not every brewery is growing to the point that it has to double or – in some cases – quadruple capacity. Not every brand is negotiating big contracts with distributors to take their brews statewide or regional – or making moves to self distribute. Hell, some brewers have been in business for years and still don’t have machinery to do their own packaging. And for some brewers that kind of easy pace is just fine. In fact, some never saw that kind of business model in the stars to begin with.

That’s one of the most beautiful aspects of this industry that we all love – that there’s plenty of room for all kinds of people with all kinds of intentions, making all kinds of good damn beer.

So, check out this video from the Washington Post about Maine Beer Company, whose founder doesn’t mind staying small.

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